USARPAC Suicide Prevention goes “Beyond the Front”

March 19th, 2009

Posted in In The News, Military has posted a story detailing the US Army’s use of Beyond the Front in suicide prevention training:

Referring to the title of the video, Jones said, “The ‘front’ stands for the battlefield, but ‘ front’ also stands for the face that a Soldier may put on to disguise the stress they are dealing with.”

“You can make a difference,” Jones emphatically told the audience. “This training shows you how to recognize the warning signs of suicide and more importantly, it shows how to deal with it, how to talk openly about depression and suicide and how to help Soldiers.”

The “Beyond the Front” training is part of the Army-wide Suicide Prevention Campaign. Major elements of this program are designed to decrease the stigma that Soldiers feel when they’re seeking help and encourage Families not to hesitate to ask for help. It is also designed to enhance coping skills and let Soldiers know that seeking help is actually a sign of strength and will not be detrimental to their Army career.

The training is conducted to inform all Army personnel, to include Families and civilian employees, of key issues that The Army’s leadership believes are of value for everyone to know about suicidal behavior and to help recognize warning signs and risk factors of those persons who might be considering harming themselves.

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