Virtual Experiences Make For Better Decisions

June 07th, 2011

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On Patrol is running a new profile of WILL:

So far WILL has produced about 20 movies the Army focusing on safety, post-traumatic stress, combat operational stress, compassion fatigue, suicide prevention, and ethical decision-making.
During the experience the viewer has the opportunity to change a character’s fate by making simple choices along the way. Courtesy photoAt this year’s GI Film Festival, WILL Interactive premiered The War Inside, a film designed for Army-wide distribution as a cornerstone for their soldier behavioral health and post traumatic stress education program.
The War Inside sheds light on the psychological challenges of coming home with combat stress and the toll it takes on individuals, families, and society. The viewer plays as one of four different characters connected to a platoon that has just returned from combat. Each character explores the challenges of coming home.

You can read the full story here.