WILL Interactive Launches ‘$500,000 Simulate a Better World Challenge’ to Promote Social Change

December 14th, 2011

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December 14, 2011, Washington, D.C. – WILL Interactive, Inc., the nation’s most experienced developer of computer-based interactive training simulations, today announced the launch of the $500,000 Simulate a Better World Challenge.

The winner of the Challenge will have the unique opportunity to select the subject matter and help guide the creation of an interactive simulation. The finished program will be distributed nationally to address an issue of major societal importance in an effort to create real, sustainable change. The competition is open to applications from all organizations and individuals through April 20, 2012. Learn about the Challenge.

WILL’s business philosophy—”doing well by doing good”—motivates its desire to create positive social change through the use of its Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations (VEILS®). The Challenge is an opportunity to engage the public in order to improve the world, while raising awareness of how impactful interactive simulations can be in positively influencing attitudes and behaviors/actions.

“Since 1998, we have been using VEILS® to help many organizations address issues that affect their operations and their people. Now we have the opportunity, for the first time, to throw open the doors and ask the general public to tell us what societal issue should be addressed,” said Sharon Sloane, President and CEO of WILL Interactive. “We are excited to make a difference in such a public manner, and to invite a new audience to understand the power of simulations that allow individuals to play out real-world scenarios before they live them out.”

VEILS® is an immersive technology that harnesses the engaging characteristics of game-based video simulations to capture the attention of individuals at a level that leads them to positive action. In VEILS®, users become the lead characters in an interactive movie simulation. They make decisions, see consequences of their choices, alter storylines and experience outcomes.

In use by millions of students, law enforcement personnel, soldiers, healthcare professionals and executives across thousands of schools, organizations, and all branches of the military, VEILS® have helped reduce instances of military suicide, educated youth about the dangers of drugs and the importance of responsible cell phone use, and assisted thousands of homeowners in avoiding foreclosure. Access demo versions of existing simulations.


To enter the Challenge, Entrants are required to submit by April 20, 2012 a proposal that contains contact information, a socially relevant learning objective, an explanation of the social issue and why the Entrant believes a serious game simulation will help address/combat the problem, a description of the target audience description, a brief marketing and distribution plan, and organizational/biographical information about the Entrant. Download the Official Rules.

Once the application process is closed, WILL’s team will select the five most qualified applications to be put forward for a public vote that will be hosted through WILL’s website and Facebook pages, and will be factored into the final decision.

The winner of this Challenge will have the social issue identified in their entry addressed through the development of a VEILS® game-based video simulation, and will receive, at no cost, the perpetual right to use the simulation. WILL Interactive will absorb all product development costs (approximate value = $500,000) to develop the VEILS® simulation, which will be distributed nationally through the joint efforts of the winner and WILL.

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High-resolution images from WILL’s existing simulations are available for download.

About WILL Interactive: Potomac, Md.-based WILL Interactive, the nation’s most experienced and most awarded developer of computer-based video training simulations, has produced 70 VEILS® and won numerous learning, media, and technology awards since its founding in 1994. WILL’s clients and partners are among the nation’s most respected organizations, including every branch of the U.S. military, the National Football League, Verizon, MedStar Health, the FBI, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Fannie Mae, McGraw-Hill, and thousands of schools and universities across the country.