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WILL Interactive’s ‘$500,000 Simulate A Better World Challenge’  January 13, 2012

#UnschoolingRules has a post up about our Simulate a Better World Challenge: Basically, they are asking for people to submit ideas for a full-blown educational simulation that, if deployed, would have a positive social impact. WILL will then pick one of the submissions and create and distribute it. Frankly, if almost any other sim company […]

WILL Interactive Launches ‘$500,000 Simulate a Better World Challenge’ to Promote Social Change  December 14, 2011

December 14, 2011, Washington, D.C. – WILL Interactive, Inc., the nation’s most experienced developer of computer-based interactive training simulations, today announced the launch of the $500,000 Simulate a Better World Challenge. The winner of the Challenge will have the unique opportunity to select the subject matter and help guide the creation of an interactive simulation. […]

New Online Game Educates Risks Of Cyberbullying  September 2, 2011

Ohio’s NBC4 just ran a segment on Cyberbullying, and how WILL’s new program It’s Your Call is helping educate teens on appropriate cell phone use: “I’ve seen it in both the middle and high school,” Sturtevant said. “Pictures of students in compromising positions, or in clothes that are more revealing than they should be, where […]

Virtual Experiences Make For Better Decisions  June 7, 2011

On Patrol is running a new profile of WILL: So far WILL has produced about 20 movies the Army focusing on safety, post-traumatic stress, combat operational stress, compassion fatigue, suicide prevention, and ethical decision-making. During the experience the viewer has the opportunity to change a character’s fate by making simple choices along the way. Courtesy […]

Soldiers get a new look at safety with “Off Duty On Guard”  May 31, 2011

The Virginia Progress-Index is also covering Chuck Betoney’s unveiling of Off-Duty / On-Guard, and includes a quote from WILL CEO Sharon Sloane: Safety is paramount for soldiers in combat zones. But Tuesday soldiers got a peek at the newest method of delivery for that message when soldiers are off duty – “Off Duty On Guard” […]

Lee audience applauds new safety program  May 26, 2011

A new article covers Chuck Betoney’s (of US Army TRADOC) premiere of Off-Duty / On-Guard, one of WILL’s most recent releases: A new Army safety training program earned rave reviews here Tuesday during a special presentation at the Aerial Delivery and Field Services Department auditorium. The safety presentation, titled “Off Duty, On Guard,” combines […]

Among Thousands of Film Festivals, One About G.I.’s  May 9, 2011

The New York Times is running a piece about the GI Film Festival, which WILL was proud to sponsor. WILL also showed a new program as part of the festival: Among the more unusual films is an interactive documentary short called “The War Inside” that allows viewers to play characters and change the course of the […]

The Uncanny Valley  April 7, 2011

The Training and Simulation Journal is running a short piece which touches on the ‘uncanny valley’, and how WILL Interactive’s live-action approach is not susceptible: Is a person playing an immersive game more likely to relate to a human or alien avatar? According to some researchers, if the avatar isn’t created properly, the player is more […]

The Value of Video 

Kristin Quinn from The Training and Simulation Journal has posted a piece about True Faith & Allegiance, a new VEILS: Soldiers will begin values training with seven sessions, one per value, according to Wanda Majors, chief of instructional programs for CAPE. Each session will include three video case studies — one set in basic training, […]

WILL Interactive: Expanding the Virtual Envelope  November 22, 2010

Halldale Media Group has a new story about how the U.S. Army is using the WILL Interactive program The War Inside to combat post-traumatic stress for returning soldiers: The War Inside is the latest immersive simulation offering from Potomac, Md.-based WILL Interactive. The product allows an individual to complete specific virtual experiences. “Unlike many simulations […]

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