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Simulate a Better World  January 16, 2012

Defense News has a story about our $500,000 Simulate a Better World Challenge: Are you a school administrator interested in teaching children about the hazards of cyber bullying? An airline employee looking to educate your passengers in terms of safer air travel? An Army colonel hoping to ease the re-integration process for soldiers returning from […]

WILL Interactive’s ‘$500,000 Simulate A Better World Challenge’  January 13, 2012

#UnschoolingRules has a post up about our Simulate a Better World Challenge: Basically, they are asking for people to submit ideas for a full-blown educational simulation that, if deployed, would have a positive social impact. WILL will then pick one of the submissions and create and distribute it. Frankly, if almost any other sim company […]

WILL Interactive Launches ‘$500,000 Simulate a Better World Challenge’ to Promote Social Change  December 14, 2011

December 14, 2011, Washington, D.C. – WILL Interactive, Inc., the nation’s most experienced developer of computer-based interactive training simulations, today announced the launch of the $500,000 Simulate a Better World Challenge. The winner of the Challenge will have the unique opportunity to select the subject matter and help guide the creation of an interactive simulation. […]

New Online Game Educates Risks Of Cyberbullying  September 2, 2011

Ohio’s NBC4 just ran a segment on Cyberbullying, and how WILL’s new program It’s Your Call is helping educate teens on appropriate cell phone use: “I’ve seen it in both the middle and high school,” Sturtevant said. “Pictures of students in compromising positions, or in clothes that are more revealing than they should be, where […]

Virtual Experiences Make For Better Decisions  June 7, 2011

On Patrol is running a new profile of WILL: So far WILL has produced about 20 movies the Army focusing on safety, post-traumatic stress, combat operational stress, compassion fatigue, suicide prevention, and ethical decision-making. During the experience the viewer has the opportunity to change a character’s fate by making simple choices along the way. Courtesy […]

Soldiers get a new look at safety with “Off Duty On Guard”  May 31, 2011

The Virginia Progress-Index is also covering Chuck Betoney’s unveiling of Off-Duty / On-Guard, and includes a quote from WILL CEO Sharon Sloane: Safety is paramount for soldiers in combat zones. But Tuesday soldiers got a peek at the newest method of delivery for that message when soldiers are off duty – “Off Duty On Guard” […]

Lee audience applauds new safety program  May 26, 2011

A new article covers Chuck Betoney’s (of US Army TRADOC) premiere of Off-Duty / On-Guard, one of WILL’s most recent releases: A new Army safety training program earned rave reviews here Tuesday during a special presentation at the Aerial Delivery and Field Services Department auditorium. The safety presentation, titled “Off Duty, On Guard,” combines […]

Among Thousands of Film Festivals, One About G.I.’s  May 9, 2011

The New York Times is running a piece about the GI Film Festival, which WILL was proud to sponsor. WILL also showed a new program as part of the festival: Among the more unusual films is an interactive documentary short called “The War Inside” that allows viewers to play characters and change the course of the […]

The Uncanny Valley  April 7, 2011

The Training and Simulation Journal is running a short piece which touches on the ‘uncanny valley’, and how WILL Interactive’s live-action approach is not susceptible: Is a person playing an immersive game more likely to relate to a human or alien avatar? According to some researchers, if the avatar isn’t created properly, the player is more […]

The Value of Video 

Kristin Quinn from The Training and Simulation Journal has posted a piece about True Faith & Allegiance, a new VEILS: Soldiers will begin values training with seven sessions, one per value, according to Wanda Majors, chief of instructional programs for CAPE. Each session will include three video case studies — one set in basic training, […]

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