Social Responsibility, Drug Abuse and Binge Drinking

Age Range:       16-23

Partner:       In partnership with WILL and the U.S. Navy's Center for Personal Development


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Interactive Nights Out 1™ (INO1™) helps 16-23 year-olds make informed choices about HIV/AIDS, STDs, pregnancy, relationships, alcohol and other drugs. Players become the lead character in both male and female-centered movies, make choices for the characters, and witness the consequences of their decisions.

Pool Tournament (male game) opens with a quick game of basketball, an unexpected elbow to the face, and you spitting out a mouth full of blood. As the night progresses, you make choices regarding Lauren, your girlfriend who wants to "talk," Jeannie, a joint-smoking groupie of your band, and Kevin, who may or may not reveal his attraction to you.

Tommy's Party (female game) leads you through a different set of challenges. You're at a party looking for Tommy, the boy you've been staring at for half a semester. If you can avoid the over-consumption of beer, projectile vomit, the whims of your friend Darci, and a host of other distractions, you might actually survive the night and find the man of your dreams.

The program also contains 2 quizzes (Test Your Knowledge on the main menu) and hotlines and links to other resources (For More Info on the main menu).