Standing Strong Against Sexual Assault

Age Range:       18-24

Partner:       U.S. Army Sexual Harassment / Assault Response & Prevention


Team-Bound, produced for the U.S. Army G1, gives young (18 to 24-year-old) Soldiers practice in making the correct decisions when faced with possible Sexual Assault situations or events that could lead to Sexual Assault. The program also demonstrates the consequences of incorrect decisions, helps enhance young Soldiers, awareness of Sexual Assault, provides practice in successfully intervening in a Sexual Assault, and models the traits necessary for functioning effectively in a variety of social environments.

In this program you can become four different characters, a male Specialist, a female Specialist, a female Staff Sergeant or a male Department of the Army Civilian Employee. As each of these characters you will have a unique opportunity to speak up, stand up, and help, to figure out how to recognize and stop sexual harassment and a possible sexual assault.