Psychological Health for Soldiers and Families

Partner:       U.S. Army Medical Department


Designed for Army-wide distribution as a cornerstone soldier behavioral health and PTSD education program, The War Inside sheds light into the psychological challenges of coming home with combat stress and the toll it takes on individuals, families, and society.

In The War Inside, you play as four different characters connected to a platoon that has just returned from combat. Each character explores the challenges of coming home: a young Specialist with severe combat stress/PTSD trying to understand and control his behavior, a Sergeant growing distant from his wife and child, a Spouse trying to understand what's wrong with her husband and what to do about it, and a Platoon Sergeant trying to create a command climate that is more accepting of behavioral health.


"My husband and I watched the video. It was an awesome learning tool, even for me. I learned to listen more to my husband. He finally broke down and told me a few things that I never knew happened when he was deployed. I think he thought it was too graphic for me and he didn't want me to have bad dreams as well. Now I understand why he was having those dreams and I know now where his anger comes from, very sad story, but ['The War Inside'] video has helped us both and I'd recommend it for families like mine. I thank you so much for allowing us to view this! [My husband] is in counseling and is doing better with his anger, but I don't think counseling is better than that video!!! Again, thank you so much!"

-- Military Spouse

"Thank you so much for sharing this incredible video, The War Inside. My husband and I sat down and watch the video together, I learned so much from this video, as a military wife whose husband has been injured in Iraq in 2010 while serving in the Army and diagnosis with PTSD and TBI, has been a real struggle for my husband and my family. After watching the video, my husband and I connected with talking about what he goes through and what I can do to help him, we don't talk much when it comes to his anger or how he is feeling, and that night for the first time there was an opening in communication between us, which has not happened in a very long time. Thank you once again for sharing this to us."

-- Joy Marshall, Military Spouse

"The Film The War Inside by WILL Interactive is one of the greatest tools on the market today. Being a Disabled Veteran diagnosed with PTSD I had constantly found my self at a loss of words when it would come to communicating my active stress with my wife. The film The War Inside was able to communicate what I could not, as well inform me of how my actions could be perceived, enabling me to live a fuller life. My favorite feature is the interactivity of the film and to be able to decide the actions for the characters. This film is a tool that would serve our veterans well and has aided both my wife and I in so many aspects of our lives. Thank you to WILL Interactive for creating a film that has changed the life of every Veteran that it has came into contact with, myself included.?

-- Matthew Pennington, Wounded Warrior