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This is you, Jennifer Brown

The user becomes an accountant at Rocket Skate Rollercoaster Design and Engineering. She has to navigate her new position on a multi-disciplinary team where she encounters potentially inappropriate conversations, a conflict over personal space by two coworkers, repeated advances by an admirer, and a friend who receives an inappropriate offer by a senior engineer.

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This is you, Steven Genofsky

As the second-in-command at Rocket Skate Rollercoaster, the user must proactively promote a more professional environment, understand procedures when a harassment complaint is made, and navigate a tricky situation when a harasser happens to be a multi-million dollar client.

Common Ground - poster


Many employees undergo sexual harassment training when they first join a new company. Common Ground helps organizations cultivate a more professional environment from the start and make a good first impression, rather than torture staff. The challenge was to develop a sexual harassment training video that wasn’t cheesy, boring, or remedial, and yet satisfied necessary compliance regulations for all 50 states including CA (AB 1825, AB 2053), CT and ME.


Common Ground both entertains and contextualizes the issues into a sitcom-like interactive adventure while satisfying all legal requirements mandated by state laws and reflecting best practices for the prevention of negative behaviors.

Common Ground is an award-winning web-based SaaS program that teaches basic and advanced content for harassment, sexual harassment, and abusive conduct. CG employs scenario modeling, branching decision points, lecture/slides, onscreen host guides, beautiful graphic design, and a healthy respect for the intelligence of the audience.



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Program Synopsis

Common Ground is not your typical check-the-box solution for harassment, sexual harassment, and abusive conduct prevention training compliance. Instead, it is the most watchable, entertaining, and effective training of its type on the planet. A welcome change of pace for trainers, HR professionals, supervisors, and employees, Common Ground is memorable, engaging, and created with WILL's proprietary, proven-effective learning methodology.

Blended Learning


Users play as lead characters in HD interactive movies, make decisions regarding harassment prevention and response, and see how those decisions play out. Common Ground contains onscreen hosts who guide users through the experience. Scenario-based quiz questions ask users to apply core concepts to real-world problems.

Common Ground comes in time-controlled and time-unrestricted versions:

  • One-hour course for employees
  • One-hour advanced course for supervisors
  • Two-hour course for supervisors
  • Facilitator's version with facilitation guide

Common Ground is continually updated to the strictest state requirements in California (AB 1825 and AB 2053), Connecticut and Maine.

Customization is available to include your logo, harassment policy, and contact information for follow-up questions.

Celebrating Excellence

"Common Ground" is an award winning Program. The program has won the Communicator Gold Award of Excellence in Online Video for Interactive Videos, an AVA Digital Platinum Award for Best Training and E-Learning, and the Horizon Interactive Best in Category Award for Video Instruction.

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