Building Resilience

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Family Module

Eight interactive, virtual experiences on topics that include: blended families, single parenting, teen resilience, family financial resilience, and transitioning your family with an active duty spouse.

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Physical Module

Seven interactive, virtual experiences on topics that include: fueling the military family, high performance nutrition, losing weight, and running.

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P.T.G. Module

Seven linear videos from soldiers who experienced traumatic events and used those experiences to grow stronger. Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG) also includes two public service announcements that ran on the Armed Forces TV network.

Building Resilience - poster


Soldiers, Army civilians, and family members often experience traumatic events or other experiences that challenge their resilience. The CSF2 challenge was to help make the Army family members more resilient so they could prosper no matter the life events or challenges they faced.


Building Resilience is a series of virtual experiences that help prepare Army families for many of the most difficult challenges they face.



Don't take our word for it. Try some of it for yourself.

Program Synopsis

WILL Interactive is proud to support Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (CSF2) with a series of sixteen interactive virtual experiences and seven linear videos created to help increase the resilience and performance of Soldiers, Family members, and DA Civilians.



The U.S. Army Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (CSF2) is a repeat customer. WILL had previously created Beyond the Front and The Home Front for the Army G1 as unique tools for education in the areas of suicide awareness, suicide prevention and the maintenance of mental health.


Blended Learning


Building Resilience’s sixteen resilience modules all incorporate live-action video with branching decision-making to put users into the shoes of people like themselves facing challenges like their own. Users first take the Army's Global Assessment Test which determines areas of resilience most critical in their lives, then they are offered the Building Resilience modules best suited to their needs. Each module is a stand-alone cohesive lesson within one of five dimensions: physical resilience, social resilience, family resilience, spiritual resilience, and emotional resilience.

In addition to the branching virtual experiences, users may have worksheets to complete, interactive exercises to master, job aids or reference materials to assist them, or tips and checklists to print for reflection and use. Depending on the module, users may create a food calorie calculator, a fill out a monthly financial budget calculator, or use a tool to determine which running shoes to buy based on their running style and gait.

In addition to the resilience modules, WILL created a documentary on Post-Traumatic Growth focusing on the lives of six soldiers who had experienced life’s most difficult setbacks only to find themselves more successful, and more fulfilled, afterwards. The footage was re-cut to create a series of PSAs aired on the Armed Forces Network.


Of all the resources applied to increasing soldier resilience, WILL Interactive videos have by far had the most positive impact.

– LT General U.S. Army