Adaptive Learning on Any Device.

We offer training that's is more effective and affecting than anyone else on the market. We can deliver on any device for any platform: using your LMS or ours. Here's a sample of our current offerings.

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Corporate Compliance Training

We have built the next generation in compliance training. Valid in all states and for requirements in California (AB-1825, AB-2053), Connecticut, and Maine.

Try "Common Ground", our sexual harassment prevention course.


We have courses available in Patient Care, increasing HCAPS Scores, Infection Prevention and preventing Opioid abuse.

Try "The Anatomy of Care", our patient care course.

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We bring ethical decision-making and leadership to the corporate world.

Try "The Engineer", our leadership course.

Sales Force Development

Cold calling preparation, speed reading customers, overcoming objections.

Try "Prospecting Mastery", our lead generation course.

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Law Enforcement

We have an array of products that cover community policing, traffic stops, matter out of place, officer dispersion, standard of ethics.

Try "The Call", our bias course.

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We offer talent acquisition and recruiting courses, including recruiting transitioning service members and managing veterans.

Try "Reinventing Michael Banks", our Veteran Reintegration course.