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Active Listening for Inclusion

Are conversations a chance to speak, or an opportunity to listen? Forbes Magazine lists listening as the single most important skill for communication and building a business. Good listening also helps to build trust and understanding across a diverse workforce and leads to improved teamwork. Learning to become an active listener strengthens leaders and improves cross-cultural communication.

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Episode Summary

Division Director Cherelle wants to work on team cohesion and plans a team-building exercise. It goes well, and she asks the team if they want to do it again off-site, after work one day. Cherelle receives mixed responses and needs to decide how to approach understanding the needs of her staff.

Issues Addressed

  • Active listening skills
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Learning to be present and give undivided attention
  • Avoiding assumptions and other miscommunication traps

Training your people will want to take

  • Binge-worthy, interactive videos
  • Intuitive and considered instructional design that’s easy for employees to use and navigate

Distribution and tracking have never been easier

  • Compatible with any Learning Management System
  • Comprehensive dashboard for reporting tracking progress, and much more