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Allyship and Gender Identity

When everyone feels they belong, it improves culture, teamwork, and performance. Unfortunately, some still believe in a zero-sum world – that if a group of people is recognized and empowered, it must reciprocally diminish the power of their own group or groups.

Teams perform at their highest levels when coworkers mutually empower each other and form supportive professional relationships despite differences. Allyship is a key component of that teamwork. Allyship may also lead to improved feelings of belonging, esprit-de-corps, and quality of life.

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Episode Summary

Jee Hae learns that her coworker, Danielle, is transgender. Jee Hae is excited to support a trans person but inundates Danielle with personal questions. Danielle can see that Jee Hae means well and might one day be a good ally, but right now all she's doing is making Danielle uncomfortable. Danielle must decide whether she's going to report Jee Hae's harassing behavior, avoid her, or set her on a path towards becoming a real ally.

Issues Addressed

  • How to be an ally
  • Cisgender and transgender
  • Appropriate Conduct: Gender and Allyship
  • Empowerment vs. zero-sum thinking
  • Belonging and boundaries

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