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Generational Diversity

The workforce is more diverse than ever, including age diversity. When generations don't appreciate each other's perspectives and abilities, divisions can grow and discrimination may even follow.

Having diversity within a team creates performance advantages over non-diverse teams. For it to work, professionals have to respect each other’s differences and prioritize each other’s commonalities.

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Episode Summary

Kara, a Millennial, is ambitious and works hard but can’t seem to get ahead financially. One day, her Gen X superiors talk openly about their second and third homes and make jokes parodying Millennials. Kara is embarrassed and offended but doesn’t know how to address the divide. Will she deliver a similar joke targeting Gen X’ers, bring it up privately with her boss, or just let it go and maintain the status quo?

Issues Addressed

  • Generational diversity
  • Finding commonality
  • Appropriate and inappropriate humor
  • Performance advantages of diverse teams working collaboratively
  • Inclusive vs. exclusive conversations

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