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Inclusive Leadership

It used to be that the tallest man in the room was presumed to be the best leader. A one-size-fits-all approach to selecting and developing supervisors and junior leaders may mean creating cookie-cutter leadership well into the future. Yet today’s dynamic business challenges require adaptive thinking, innovation, and a range of perspectives. Nurturing a diversity of leader identities, styles, and lived experiences enriches the workplace and cultivates innovation and success.

The award-winning A Brighter Tomorrow training series proves that high-impact training can be as entertaining as it is effective. Using WILL's Choose Your Own Journey® methodology and streaming-quality scenarios, the Brighter Tomorrow series is the simply the best training available to improve workplace culture.

Episode Summary

Senior leaders meet to select new candidates for the company’s premiere mentorship program. The program marks a sizable investment in an employee and puts them on track for future leadership. As they discuss lists of candidates, the men haven’t considered Kara due to her status as a new mother. The men have to reconcile their bias as to who makes a good leader.

When Kara becomes a mentee, David realizes the one-size-fits-all approach to the program might be, for some, limiting its effectiveness. As the leaders consider revising the program to suit the new diversity of their junior leaders and the differences between equity and equality, they discover greater implications for the trajectory of the company’s future.

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Issues Addressed

  • Understanding the difference between equity and equality
  • Replacing a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development with programs that are more equitable
  • Removing biases and assumptions from leader development processes
  • Changing perceptions of who a leader is and what a leader looks like
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    Training your people will want to take

    • Binge-worthy, interactive videos
    • Intuitive and considered instructional design is easy for employees to use and navigate

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    Distribution and tracking have never been easier

    • Compatible with any Learning Management System
    • Comprehensive dashboard for reporting tracking progress, and much more

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    Training topics that address today's issues

    Intention/Impact and Sexual Orientation

    Unconscious Bias

    Neurodiversity and Respecting Differences

    Generational Diversity

    Empathy and Respect

    Allyship and Gender Diversity

    Respecting Cultural Diversity


    Bystander Intervention

    Recognizing Privilege

    Disability Awareness and Belonging

    Psychological Safety

    Active Listening for Inclusion

    Disrupting Racial Bias

    Building Diverse Teams

    Inclusive Leadership

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