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Recognizing Privilege

Privilege exists everywhere, including the workplace. Consider that Black women with bachelor's and advanced degrees make 35% less than white men with similar qualifications (Lean In, 2019). When you understand privilege, you can see how disparities of power and opportunity persist. Through understanding, we can all help to make things more equitable.

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Episode Summary

CEO Lydia invites Kara and her coworker Nicole to a networking summit. It’s a great opportunity for Kara and Nicole and they’re both thrilled. When Lydia suggests Nicole should do her hair in a more “professional” style for the event, Kara and Nicole are taken aback. Kara wonders why she, a White woman, doesn’t have to change anything about her natural hair the way Nicole does. But what can Kara do about it?

Issues Addressed

  • Privilege
  • Identifying systems of inequity in the workplace
  • Advocating for yourself and others
  • Bystander intervention

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  • Binge-worthy, interactive videos
  • Intuitive and considered instructional design that’s easy for employees to use and navigate

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