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Bystander Intervention

Something offensive has just been done or said. Who should address it? How?

Victims aren’t always empowered to speak up. Addressing microaggressions or offensive behavior is important to ensuring your coworkers feel supported and safe at work and to uphold the dignity of your workplace. Bystander training provides employees with the tools they need to stand up against offensive behavior.

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Episode Summary

A client makes an offensive remark to project manager Makai. Charlie recognizes this remark as a microaggression and the effect was hurtful and insulting. Charlie can choose appropriate ways to be an upstander, like checking in with Makai about how he wants the situation addressed or speaking privately to the client about the remark. Conversely, reacting rashly and calling out the client in front of the team has a negative outcome.

Issues Addressed

  • Reasons to speak up
  • Pausing the moment
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Supporting a victim
  • How to get help from leaders or HR if necessary

Training your people will want to take

  • Binge-worthy, interactive videos
  • Intuitive and considered instructional design that’s easy for employees to use and navigate

Distribution and tracking have never been easier

  • Compatible with any Learning Management System
  • Comprehensive dashboard for reporting tracking progress, and much more