Interactive learning that sticks.

Solutions that Work for You

We harness the power of stories in a solution that delivers immediate results – increased knowledge retention and long-term behavior change – for organizations that are serious about positive transformation.

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    Anytime, Anywhere

    Our products work on your schedule, not the other way around. Wherever your learners are, whenever they’re ready, their courses are available online.

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    Learning That Lasts

    We weave facts and information seamlessly into engaging stories that foster critical thinking and decision-making. This method has been shown to create deeper impact and greater recall under stress.

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    The Proof

    Our methodology has been shown to positively influence real-life performance in multiple independent evaluations.

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    Learning That Evolves

    We expertly design solutions that address current needs and also provides room to grow. Scalability is baked into our cake.

WILL Works for You

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The Brain Is Our Domain

The Brain Is Our Domain

Our success is based on simultaneously engaging the brain in both the cognitive (knowledge) and the affective (emotional) learning domains. Knowledge sticks better when it is presented in the context of real experience.

We analyze the target learners and the business goal, then design and develop a solution that satisfies both.

The result is a realistic experience that allows learners to see how the content is relevant to their life and work, and how improved critical thinking and decision-making can benefit them in both.

To see an example of how we effectively engaged both returning Veterans and HR Managers, take a look at Reinventing Michael Banks.

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Deeply Woven Storylines

Deeply Woven Storylines

Our unique and proprietary methodology puts the learner in the driver’s seat - allowing them to shape their training as the material adjusts to their real-time choices.

Adaptive branching scenario design allows users to experience, practice, reflect, and try again - through the training program. Content is personalized and internalized as a real experience. This grows understanding about the effects of actions and shortens the time needed to adopt new attitudes and behaviors.

Learners increase their value to the organization - the fast-track to success.

To see an example of how the actions of five people had an effect on the life of a patient struggling with pain, take a look at Pathways to Safer Opioid Use.

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The Best Blend

The Best Blend

Our blended solutions use a variety of approaches to arrive at a product that bundles a lot of learning into an efficient package.

We meet training objectives while also delivering appealing media that resonates with all audiences.

To see an example of how we were able to engage learners through quizzes, lectures and interactive video in unique ways, take a look at Common Ground .

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The Data You Want

The Data You Want

We realize that knowing how learners perform during training is critical to the organization.

Our easy to use back end captures the data you need for detailed analytics including learner performance and completion data.

Knowing how learners make decisions offers valuable insights for building and strengthening human capital.

To see an example of how a seamless backend can make a huge difference on outcomes, take a look at Misadventures in Money Management.

We also provide the following in-house services:

    • Full Video Production
    • Linear Video
    • PSAs
    • Audio Production
    • Video Editing
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Multimedia Exercises
    • Instructional Design
    • Script Writing
    • Needs / Gap Analysis
    • Focus Groups and Audience Research
    • Instructional Solutions Marketing Support
    • Scenario-Based Instructional Design
    • Worksheet Development
    • Mobile Development
    • LMS Support and Implementation
    • Hosting and Tech Support
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration / Animation-based learning
    • User tracking and Data Analytics
    • 508 Compliance

...and a full suite of back-end technical solutions. Our team is made up of industry experts who continue to work for WILL because of the value they believe WILL offers to their clients and the world at large.

Made Just for You

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Designing Your Learning

Custom learning products begin as research projects. We work with you to determine your organization’s needs, review any existing courses and curricula, and then move into an interview and focus group phase. By directly engaging with the target audience, we increase our understanding of knowledge and performance gaps so we can design and develop learning that will make the greatest positive impact for your organization.

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The Look and Feel

You want your learning to look and feel like no one else’s. So do we. Our programmers and graphic designers work with you to make sure the media assets are branded for your organization, that graphic design and logos are consistent with any existing assets, that promotional materials are eye-catching and versatile, and that all the interfaces are attractive, intuitive, and easy-to-use.

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Reaching Your Learners

We work with you to reach the largest audience possible, on any device. We're expert integrators and can get our programs working on your LMS, be it SCORM, AICC, LTE or some other exotic flavor. Or if you'd rather be hands off, we also can offer a turnkey solution and host it for you. We offer backend metrics and analytics so you can see trends and results both in the short-term and in long-term use of your product.