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Get Their Attention

Wake them up! Employees resist training because it's usually tedious, talks down to them, and doesn't seem relevant. WILL puts learners in a realistic story. We infuse that story with humor, emotion, and suspense so learners are emotionally driven to finish it. It entertains while it educates so learners stay engaged, actually learn, and their behaviors change. Go from groans to grins with captivating, story-based training.


Sticky Learning Drives Change

Retention is everything. A recent report revealed that the highest priority for organizational training resources is to increase the effectiveness of training programs1. WILL's training works by immersing learners in interactive, fun movies where they make decisions that determine the outcome. This methodology takes advantage of how our brains work to build better skills, drive behavior change, and improve retention and recall. Independent third-party research has demonstrated our training methodology delivers superior results.

12022 Industry Report, Training Magazine


Tailored to Your Organization

There's no place like home. That's why we offer course administrators the ability to customize our training from their own devices. They can edit text and add branding, policies, and links to make a course customized for you.

WILL knows your organization has a look, a feel, and a culture that is unique. Your training shouldn't be identical to everyone else's.

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Easy to Use

WILL's solutions are super simple to use. Whether it's your management of the entire training process, or employees' participation in courses, you'll find our platform is user friendly and accessible. Plus, you'll have direct access to WILL's support team for assistance whenever you need it. We've got you covered.


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