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Compliant And Effective Harassment Training

Get the best of both worlds: meet your specific regulatory needs and make a tangible impact. People enjoy taking our courses, so they stay engaged and they learn. And your company can reduce the risk of costly litigation.

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A Robust Harassment Training Solution

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Why Harassment Prevention Training Matters

Harassment robs everyone of a dynamic, productive workplace. And let's be real: boring training that merely checks the compliance box isn't going to build a more respectful culture and reduce risk.

WILL Interactive's harassment prevention courses keep your workforce engaged with sitcom-quality interactive movies filmed in a healthcare setting with the input of healthcare professionals. Nothing cheesy. Nothing boring. Learners enjoy the experience, retain what they learn, and apply it. Which leads to more respectful and productive teams, and better patient care. And that's what we're all after, isn't it?


Tailored to Your Organization

There's no place like home. That's why we offer course administrators the ability to customize our training from their own devices. They can edit text and add branding, policies, and links to make a course customized for you.

WILL knows your organization has a look, a feel, and a culture that is unique. Your training shouldn't be identical to everyone else's.


Sticky Learning Drives Change

Retention is everything. A recent report revealed that the highest priority for organizational training resources is to increase the effectiveness of training programs1. WILL's training works by immersing learners in interactive, fun movies where they make decisions that determine the outcome. This methodology takes advantage of how our brains work to build better skills, drive behavior change, and improve retention and recall. Independent third-party research has demonstrated our training methodology delivers superior results.

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Fully Compliant

Guaranteed Compliance for Your Location

We take the guesswork out of what training you need for your workforce no matter where your people are located or the size of your organization.

Our training is continually updated to satisfy the strictest state requirements in California, Connecticut, Maine, Delaware, New York, Illinois, Colorado, and Washington.

Just did the sexual harassment training, I thought it was so well done! My colleagues agree it's been the best one they've ever done.

Clinical Training Fellow, NIH

Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Abusive Conduct Prevention