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Disrupting Racial Bias

Everyone wants an equal chance to rise, but some people encounter more obstacles than others. Many people of color, especially women, encounter a "broken rung" in the corporate ladder. Learning how to have difficult conversations around issues such as biases will enable employees to advocate for those who face inequities and for more objective systems that determine who gets a chance to fairly compete for advancement.

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Episode Summary

David’s mission in HR is to build a more diverse workforce and create equitable policies and procedures. COO Ryan has had his back through challenges. When David sees Ryan has rejected Cherelle’s application for a VP position, he is surprised. David investigates and finds that the company’s performance reviews leave a lot of space for unconscious bias to creep in and Ryan seems to have clear patterns of bias that prevent leaders of color from rising to the top. How can David address racial inequity at the highest level of the company?

Issues Addressed

  • Speaking up about unconscious bias
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Courage – principled professionalism
  • Ensuring performance reviews are equitable and objective
  • Ensuring leaders are as diverse as the workforce

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