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Intention/Impact and Sexual Orientation

34% of the over 8 million LGBTQ+ workers in the U.S. have left a job due to unfair treatment in their workplace. It is not enough to hire diversely, organizations should evolve workplace culture to make it a place of Belonging – a measurable factor in individual and team performance and critical for organizational success. Understanding the dynamics of Intention vs Impact is an important first step.

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Episode Summary

When new-employee Rob mentions that he’s recently become engaged, Makai surprises Rob with an engagement party elaborately decorated to celebrate a bride and groom. Rob, who is gay, was already worried about fitting in at the company based on previous workplace experiences. He must decide if he's going to focus on their hurtful assumptions or prioritize their good intentions.

Issues Addressed

  • Sexual and gender diversity
  • Tolerance vs belonging
  • Intention vs. impact
  • Receive good intentions positively – it doesn't mean you give people a pass for bad behavior, it means you start from a place of positivity
  • If your positive intentions result in a negative impact – focus on the impact and apologize (the right way)

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