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Every day small harms can have a big effect. According to a recent study, 66% of Black employees prefer a remote work environment because it helps them avoid workplace microaggressions*. Knowing how to recognize microaggressions and intervene on behalf of yourself or others improves quality of life and teamwork.

The award-winning A Brighter Tomorrow training series proves that high-impact training can be as entertaining as it is effective. Using WILL’s Choose Your Own Journey® methodology and streaming-quality scenarios, the Brighter Tomorrow series is the simply the best training available to improve workplace culture.

*(Future Forum, 2021)

Episode Summary

Jee Hae finds that a lot of coworkers mispronounce her name, sometimes on purpose, and nickname her. These and other microaggressions make her feel disrespected, distract her from her work, and make her feel like an outsider. Jee Hae has a chance to explore tactics for dealing with microaggressions. In standing up for herself, Jee Hae teaches her coworkers how she wants to be treated and improves the culture of her organization.

Issues Addressed

  • Microaggressions
  • Interpersonal strategies for addressing microaggressions in the moment
  • Finding help from a supervisor or human resources
  • Addressed is better than unaddressed – you are not creating a problem, you are solving one

Training your people will want to take

  • Binge-worthy, interactive videos
  • Intuitive and considered instructional design that’s easy for employees to use and navigate

Distribution and tracking have never been easier

  • Compatible with any Learning Management System
  • Comprehensive dashboard for reporting tracking progress, and much more