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Respecting Cultural Diversity

Individuals are valuable to the world and to their organization because of their differences, not their uniformity. When someone has to hide fundamental aspects of their identities or culture at work, they’re less engaged and dedicated. By empowering rather than stifling each other, teams can come to work and be their best selves.

In this moving episode, two characters discover how mutual respect and empowerment leads to a greater sense of belonging in their workplace and improved quality of life.

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Episode Summary

War veteran Charlie considers himself a devout Christian – in fact, his faith helped him battle back from being wounded both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, he doesn’t feel his religious identity is appreciated at work, so he hides the cross he wears and aspects of his culture in the workplace. When Charlie sees Haseeb, a Muslim coworker, regularly praying in the office, Charlie feels it’s ”too much.” Is it a bias? Or does Charlie just want to be his authentic self at work too? What should he do about it?

Issues Addressed

  • Cultural belonging and empowerment
  • Religious tolerance in the workplace
  • Recognizing your own diversity – when you feel like “diversity” doesn’t include you
  • Speaking to leaders/HR if you feel culturally marginalized
  • Treating others the way you wish to be treated

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