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We help clients save lives, enhance quality of life, and improve on-the-job performance, while saving millions of dollars and countless hours of training time. Our products currently have over 10 million users.

High standards. Happy clients.


Williamson Research and Solutions

Evaluation feedback indicated this was the most useful and well-received learning product.

Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, US Army

The best thing we had prior to this was boring videos or play-acting. This is the best of all worlds. You have an actual incident unfolding and you have to react to it. You are into the role you are playing, it keeps your attention

FBI Crisis Negotiator

Center for the Army Profession and Ethic

Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

WILL has created the most powerful use of technology yet seen for helping people improve decision making about real life issues

NBC Television

The Dept. of Health and Human Services, the American Psychological Association, and Georgetown University have benefited greatly from WILL's understanding of how to turn content expertise into real behavior change.

Georgetown University Medical Center

Combined Army Training Products and Services

Work With a Winning Team.

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Awards brandonhall a87211ee364cb8bd75538ed0adb965b4477841cecd630f22364b4bb7b8a1427b
Awards horizon 31abd72e7af0cdd58fdfb15911349008390e4901ac10134301f84c651d071a64
Awards codie 7ef628a1cb18d87a3dce43316312d5e534f31ddd3decb743f97fc94522dc693a

Our products have won awards from the industry's most prestigious organizations. These include the NTSA’s "Best Serious Game" Award, Chief Learning Officer’s "Excellence in Gaming and Simulation” Award, "Best Use of Game for Learning" by Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning, and the Davey award for "Best Medical Training Program".

Our work has been featured in USA Today, The Washington Post, CNN, CBS Evening News, and on Yahoo's home page. We have presented keynotes or workshops in over one hundred conferences and seminars such as the American Psychological Association, the Serious Games Summit, and the American Film Institute.

This Is Us

The whole gang is under one roof here at WILL, from instructional design to neurocognitive and affective learning expertise, writing to artistry, and software design to deployment.

We do it all and we do it in-house.

Sharon square 414x414 cda31b24a03c195bb558fbd204cabb1c58218ff57cbd25e2fa201ec874a4333e Sharon Sloane
Sharon square 414x414 cda31b24a03c195bb558fbd204cabb1c58218ff57cbd25e2fa201ec874a4333e

Sharon Sloane

President and Chief Executive Officer

BS in Education, MA in Counseling

Sharon created and patented the Interactive Behavior Modification System upon which WILL's Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations are built. She is a pioneer and leader in the educational software and serious games industry with over 25 years experience producing cutting edge instructional programs. Sharon is frequently called upon by major organizations to address issues of national importance and received the 2009 Women in Film and Video, 'Women of Vision Award' for her contributions as a technical innovator, educator and savvy business owner.

Lyn square 414x414 706df44fe54b9c4af1d6fe7371ef4a2e4f7bdb9f4be31ffcc8023d14b354e119 Lyn McCall
Lyn square 414x414 706df44fe54b9c4af1d6fe7371ef4a2e4f7bdb9f4be31ffcc8023d14b354e119

Lyn McCall

Chief Operating Officer

MA in Human Resources Management, MA in National Security & Strategic Studies, MA in International Relations

Previous positions include program manager, marketing director, group director, and vice president. Lyn was a Harvard Senior Executive Fellow and was trained in Competitive Positioning through Quality by Dr. Deming. A 26-year U.S. Marine, he was an infantryman and pilot. He was decorated for heroism and heroic actions in Vietnam three times. Lyn had eight years of command time and was repeatedly recognized for inspirational leadership and distinguished service. He has 15 years in computer modeling and simulation.

Jeff square 414x414 236b4215c80f31299d0117ad765b29dc4b41e598555ed07bbaa653e4d3e01ea2 Jeff Hall
Jeff square 414x414 236b4215c80f31299d0117ad765b29dc4b41e598555ed07bbaa653e4d3e01ea2

Jeff Hall

Chief Creative Officer

BA Radio, Television & Film, MA Writing for Mass Media

A pioneer in the development of interactive storytelling for education and training. Jeff shares the interactive behavior modification system patent with Sharon Sloane upon which all of WILL's products are built. He has written and directed over two dozen feature-length interactive movies and has managed WILL's simulation development team since its founding.

Dave square 414x414 83fbed3ee3609b1feb3b03eb7585cc62a7c4bdc8a6067d8c6c8253dda78f6539 Dave Versaw
Dave square 414x414 83fbed3ee3609b1feb3b03eb7585cc62a7c4bdc8a6067d8c6c8253dda78f6539

Dave Versaw

CFO, Director of Business Development

BS in Business Administration and Finance

Dave spent 8 years in Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co., including six as Vice President, Investment Banking where he led or assisted in completing transactions with an aggregate value of over $6 Billion. He is accomplished in comprehensive pre-transaction and pro forma financial modeling, and preparing and delivering strategic advisory presentations.