Misadventures in Money Management

Young adults have all kinds of financial challenges and choices: from buying a car, to building credit, to starting to build wealth.

Misadventures in Money Management allows users to step into the shoes of characters designed to reflect their own personalities and backgrounds. In a beautiful hybrid graphic novel/live-action video format, users make financial choices for the characters, and see the positive and negative consequences of their decisions.

Interacting with these characters can help young adults figure out what they should do with their money… before they learn the hard way.


  • Shot in HD

  • Fully Animated Interactive Comic


  • Mobile Responsive

  • Parallax Animations

  • Aggregated Usage Tracking

Playable Characters








Reaching Our Learners

Misadventures includes a comprehensive outreach strategy designed to reach learners in many different locations. We developed push cards, physical comic books, flyers and a series of PSAs designed to hook people, wherever they are.


Our client needed to know sign up rates, completion rates and analysis on uptake of the learning content. We developed an anonymized backend that delivered on all of these requirements and more. Right along with the development of the product, we collect metrics on our client's platform and on their terms.

By providing real-time access to data, as well as uptime monitoring and security reports, clients can be confident that their programs are working as expected and being used as they hoped.

At WILL Interactive, we are dedicated to building client-accessible backend solutions to metrics reporting.


Notable Success

Misadventures won the Communicator Award of Distinction for Best User Experience for Mobile Sites. It also won the W3 Award for Best in Show.


Don't take our word for it. Try some of it for yourself.