Misadventures in Money Management

Misadventures in Money Management - poster
Mimm angela 5a36230071e9c52575618f7f40dac4b40512acc845e56f5dd4f586696daed598

This is you, Angela

Angela was thinking about getting a credit card, but needed to build up her credit first. She’s used to being independent, but may need to learn to ask for help and be patient in order to achieve her goals.

Mimm james 3559d6a0209b4f7ccd521e9469f09c163c2259171de307c2e320a244e55691f7

This is you, James

James’ issues are a little more serious. He placed value on the wrong things in his life and, unfortunately, spawned the fall of civilization. His financial choices were so bad that he initiated a zombie apocalypse.

Mimm miya 4fa5fb9e90ef8c00f1aa418d761f8d56d4c83cc2febed42a28ef203727cd0ce2

This is you, Miya

After receiving several promotions, Miya decided to leave the military but was forced to move back in with her parents because of some poor money management decisions.

Mimm dirk 388807cd8940df74f5435347f2fb5cfd43dc9d81d9d2dfe6ec80e6df1604a430

This is you, Dirk

Of the top five money mistakes that young adults make, Dirk made… all five. He decided to live like a king on an 18-year-old’s money, and managed to actually do it… for a very short time.

Mimm cruz 3c3c96823ce1a8c9f41c52fbeda82b6d0ef5fcccf31166672e043d9b303b730c

This is you, Cruz

When he joined the military, he allowed his financial future to revolve around his expensive new car instead of saving some money for the future. Users take control of Cruz, fighting to get him back on track.

Misadventures in Money Management - poster


Ok, so these may not be real people, but they have real financial lessons to teach.

Young adults have all kinds of financial challenges and choices: from buying a car, to building credit, to starting to build wealth.


Users step into the shoes of characters designed to reflect their own personalities and backgrounds. They make financial choices for the characters, and see the positive and negative consequences of their decisions.

Interacting with these characters can help young adults figure out what they should do with their money… before they learn the hard way.



Don't take our word for it. Try some of it for yourself.

Program Synopsis

Misadventures in Money Management is an interactive graphic novel. It uses both live action video and comic book-style animations to help them sidestep some of the most common and avoidable financial pitfalls.

Client Description

Misadventures in Money Management was designed for a federal agency. Our continued partnership has allowed this interactive experience to grow from its original three characters to a cast of six, each with unique learning objectives.

Misadventures in Money Management arms people with the information they need to make smart financial decisions, and protects them from unfair, deceptive, and abusive practices.

blended-learning blended-learning

Blended Learning

Misadventures in Money Management is a comprehensive learning program that combines media to communicate its objective of financial literacy. The interactive online experience incorporates live action video and animated graphic novel elements to put the user in each character’s shoes. The online experience grows with the client’s needs, adding new characters as learning objectives or target demographics are discovered through the life of the program.

Each character trains on important tenets of successful money management, and an extensive resource library elaborates on the nuts and bolts, should they choose to investigate further.

In addition to the online program, there is a print version of the graphic novel for distribution.

Push cards were also designed as a marketing tool.

A series of PSAs were later developed to further expand the resource library available to users, building on a vast digital toolkit of learning opportunities.

A true trans-media experience, Misadventures in Money Management strives to reach a young user demographic on their terms, empowering young adults to take control of their financial futures.

blended-learning blended-learning


Our client needed to know sign up rates, completion rates and analysis on uptake of the learning content. We were able to develop an anonymized backend that delivered on all of these requirements and more. Right along with the development of the product, we were able to build metrics on our client's platform and on their terms.

By providing real-time access to data, as well as uptime monitoring and security reports, clients can be confident that their programs are working as expected and being used as they hoped.

At WILL Interactive, we are dedicated to building client-accessible backend solutions to metrics reporting. Click here to contact us and learn more about how our clients learn from their user base and use data for actionable growth.