Reinventing Michael Banks

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This is you, Michael Banks

Michael recently separated from the Army and is having difficulty finding a job. We follow him as he attends a job fair, initiates a variety of other job search strategies, interviews with a hiring manager, obtains a position and begins to integrate into a civilian workplace.

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This is you, Randy Overmeyer

Randy is a recruiter at a job fair. We get to view his interactions with Michael.

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This is you, Joyce Duncan

Joyce is a hiring manager who interviews Michael. At first the interview is awkward and it is difficult to engage Michael in conversation. Joyce has the option of using behavioral, situational and other interview techniques to discover that Michael is a great candidate for the opening she is trying to fill.

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This is you, Gary Cole

Gary is Michael’s first supervisor when Michael gets hired. He overcomes the challenge of helping Michael integrate into the civilian workplace and develop positive relationships with fellow employees.

Reinventing Michael Banks - poster


Reinventing Michael Banks bridges the divide between veterans in pursuit of meaningful employment and corporations seeking to hire and develop the best possible talent.


The program enables users to view situations from “both sides of the desk”, make decisions that alter the movie’s storyline and model choices that lead to success. Veterans and human resource professionals can each walk in each other’s shoes and see themselves as others see them.



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Program Synopsis

Reinventing Michael Banks is an interactive movie that provides assistance to both Veterans and Employers. It is being used by Service Members to transition from the military to civilian employment and by businesses to recruit and retain veteran talent. WILL developed this simulation following a nationwide competition-- with input from an elite panel of Americans including a legendary journalist, a US Army veteran and celebrated author, a media mogul, and a distinguished former Congresswoman and ambassador.


WILL developed Reinventing Michael Banks as a philanthropic effort. We cast a wide net and received proposals from across the country before choosing The Coming Home Project as the winner of our “Simulate a Better World Challenge”. Together we developed the product which is currently in use by tens of thousands of veterans through the website and numerous government and nonprofit organizations including Soldier for Life, Marine for Life and Easter Seals. Our corporate partners, realizing talent acquisition benefits from the use of the program, include Hilton Worldwide, 3M and Comcast. To find out more about partnering with WILL on Reinventing Michael Banks, click here.

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Blended Learning


Reinventing Michael Banks features a robust interactive video experience that addresses the integration of former Service Members into the civilian workforce. This program allows users to flip their experience 360 degrees and replay certain scenarios from the other side of the desk: the job seeker becomes the corporate recruiter, the job interviewee becomes the job interviewer, and the employee becomes the supervisor.

In addition to modeling best practices in engaging branching storylines, this program features a multitude of resource links, text tutorials, and an interactive resume building exercise.


I recently found out about Reinventing Michael Banks and I wanted to let you know that I think this is fantastic.

– Corporate Hiring Manager