Reinventing Michael Banks

It is often difficult to bridge the divide between veterans in pursuit of meaningful employment and corporations seeking to hire and develop the best possible talent.

Reinventing Michael Banks enables users to view situations from "both sides of the desk" and make decisions that alter the movie’s storyline as it models choices that lead to success. Former service members, human resource professionals, and supervisors can walk in one another’s shoes and see themselves from a different perspective.


  • Shot in HD


  • Mobile Responsive

  • Fully 508-Compliant

  • Deployable to any Corporate LMS

Playable Characters

Michael Banks


Randy Overmeyer


Joyce Duncan

Hiring Manager

Gary Cole


Training to Both Sides of the Desk

Reinventing Michael Banks features a robust interactive video experience that addresses the integration of former Service Members into the civilian workforce. This program allows users to flip their experience 360 degrees and replay certain scenarios from the other side of the desk: the job seeker becomes the corporate recruiter, the job interviewee becomes the job interviewer, and the employee becomes the supervisor.


Extending Our Reach

Reinventing Michael Banks was developed as a philanthropic effort. We cast a wide net and received proposals from across the country before choosing The Coming Home Project as the winner of our "Simulate a Better World Challenge". Together we developed the product which is currently in use by tens of thousands of veterans through numerous government and nonprofit organizations. Our corporate partners realize the talent acquisition benefits from the use of the program.


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